The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Show in London opens tomorrow and I have a few new portraits on display there.Firstly I have my portrait of Fabio.

This Matisse inspired image is of Fabio who was a professional life model at the Art Academy in London where I teach.I was interested in putting together some very bright bold colours in the same picture.This is a rather tricky thing to do as they can easily clash.My hope is that the picture exudes a youthful and optimistic atmosphere.The organisers of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters have been kind enough to use my painting for much of the exhibition's publicity including the catalogue cover.

The other work I have in the show is a triptych of 2 daughters(Kate and  Rebecca)and their Mother(Anne).All three of them are artists with a particular interest paint and interesting textures in their own work.For this reason I concentrated on the effect of the paint and the surface in each image.

Some of the tones are muted as I was inspired to do paintings with a quality somewhere between a Lucien Freud/Rembrandt and a Gwen John.

The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition is on at 

The Mall Galleries

Address :The Mall, by Trafalgar Square,London 

Open to the Public:

16 April 2015

10am to 5pm -Late nights on Tuesday(7pm)

Closed  for the day on Sunday 26th April – London Marathon

Closes: 1 May 2015