What Drawing Apps would I recommend for ipad or iphone?

I would definitely recommend Sketchbook Pro Mobile.

I find it the easiest to use.It has a clean and professional interface.

It has recently been integrated with icloud so you can sync it with ipad/iphone/desktop.

The ipad version has a few more features like templates.

Both have layers but the layer functionality is better on ipad.It's made by Autodesk-so it should be good.

Although I'd still highly recommend it there is one drawback, the fact that you can't make very large prints from the images.The resolution won't allow it.The images don't stay sharp.





In order to get round the issue of resolution there are a couple of other routes.

Firstly, Adobe Ideas , another drawing app.The drawing tools are very simple, which in a way is a little restricting but sometimes this restriction can push you creatively.This app uses vectors to make the marks , much like the blob brush in Adobe Illustrator.

The thing about drawing with a brush using vectors is you can enlarge the image to the size of a house (if you want) and it will still look pin sharp with no loss of resolution.

I imagine this app has a wider appeal, perhaps as well as fine artists like myself it must appeal to designers/creatives/


ers or any creative person who might like to scribble a note or sketch an idea (for me it's not about making it look like charcoal or paint).The transparency settings when you make the brush semi opaque are actually quite beautiful.For example layering one semi-transparent line over another.





re in between these two for me is Brushes.This has never been a favourite because I don't like the interface.I think there is something a tiny bit cheesy about it.I don't like the way the images are displayed in the gallery.It is nonetheless an amazing app.It does pretty much what the other 2 do but also you can play back the drawing as a movie.This works well on the ipad.On the iphone you have to download and sync it on the desktop to see the movie.Top get round the problem of being able to enlarge the iphone drawing to the size of a big print you can (with the help of free desktop software from their website) replay the drawing as a movie but on a larger virtual sheet of paper.It's like re-recording the drawing, only bigger .This allows you to print it big.



Another one called Procreate is good but it recreates the accidental smudges and marks you can get with real paint so well that for me it's almost so much like painting that it does not give much relief from my day job as a painter when I want to use it.

I think it's only on ipad.Well worth checking out though.



All this wouldn't be the same without the brilliant Wacom Bamboo Stylus for ipad/iphone.Strange rubbery tip, but still the smallest tip that I'm aware of on the market.